Wednesday, April 30, 2008

R.I.P. Albert Hofmann, 1906 to 2008

Rest In Peace, Albert Hofmann, 1906 to 2008. The father of LSD. 102 is pretty good for a psychaedelic adventurer:

This interesting little comic tells his story in an easy-to-read way:

Many folks have hypothesized that, without LSD, the modern computer age would never have received the required inspiration. LSD trips directly inspired the creation of, among other things, the computer mouse and the Apple Macintosh, according to this Wired news story:

A further list of celebrities who have used LSD is here:

About his discovery, Hofmann once said:

"I think that in human evolution it has never been as necessary to have this substance LSD. It is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be."

The complete text of his book, _LSD: My problem Child_, can be found here: