Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New Blog: Paul Krugman Archive

I've launched a second blog, the Paul Krugman Archive (, to provide easy access to his writings since ~July, 2005. There seems to be a dearth of access to his writings during this critical period, so I wanted to just consolidate what I know about into one spot. Most of these writings are his columns from the New York Times, which I have copied from other sources on the web and re-posted here for convenience.

Why have I done this?

Because I feel that Krugman offers a very good analysis of political and economic events in this country that is helpful to those seeking a deeper story on what is going on and why. Just how good is his analysis? His ex-boss, Ben Bernake, will soon become the new chairman of the Federal Reserve. In different times, it could be Krugman himself nominated to fill that post. Instead, you can count on Krugman to make recommendations as to how to fix the ailments facing the nation's economy, and then see how Bernake's actions differ from Krugman's suggestions. Read through the archive here to get a sense of how this has played out over the past few months. He does a very good job of tracking how the government's failure to respond effectively to Hurricane Katrina has snowballed into the current crisis for Republican leadership in the nation's capital.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading the archive, and find it as useful as I have. Please feel free to post any comments you may have here. If you're a person reading this and you have a comment, please post it. I only delete comments posted by spambots (i.e. "MAKE MONEY NOW" and then some link to some pyramid scheme or some such thing), so if you see that comments have been deleted -- that's just me protecting you from having to view more spam. :-)


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