Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oregon's Next Senator -- 2008

The question:

Who can take out Gordon Smith (R) in 2008, and be chosen by a majority of Oregonians statewide to represent them in the United States Senate?

Earl would probably be my 1st choice for taking out Gordo and picking up a Senate seat for the Dems. His district is definitely safe for the Dems (the only question is which bicycling liberal Portlander would replace him), and he could probably win in a statewide race based on his record and his straightforward style.

I like the Randy Leonard idea, too -- nothing like a former firefighter to get support in red counties. Sure, he's been a maverick on the Portland City Council, but as far as I can tell, that's mostly turned out to be a good thing.

Pete DeFazio -- too important for him to hold down his own district, keep his committee chairmanship, and keep that seat blue. Ditto for Hooley.

Kitzhaber would wipe the floors with Gordon Smith, but he really doesn't want to go live in D.C. for any portion of the year, or so he claims. If he could be persuaded that it's worth his while to do so; further, if he could be persuaded that it is his DUTY to his fellow Oregonians to do so, he would become my favorite and probably everybody's favorite to take out Smith in 2008. The question, however, is if he could be persuaded to run.

There's probably other potential choices, but I agree that name recognition is the key for this race, and we should focus on those people that everybody in the state knows, and most people approve of.


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