Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Post-Republican Era Marshall Plan Needed for the United States

The Bush Administration and the Republican-led Congress have been a disaster for the United States, on par with a war or a major natural disaster. As such, we need to come up with a Marshall Plan to re-build our country in the aftermath. It needs to deal with taking the money out of politics, cleaning up elections by mandating paper trails and possibly nationwide vote-by-mail, removing corruption from the halls of government, and rebuilding our nation by instituting an initiative such as the construction of a nationwide high-speed rail system that will tie together our regional economies, create employment and act as a dynamo for economic, social and political change throughout this great landscape.

I think it's important to have a focus on re-building our own country, as well as to re-focus our foreign policy to a true re-building of the rest of the world.

I'll continue to post more on this thread soon, but I wanted to get this thought out into the void for discussion now.

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