Sunday, February 15, 2009

They Sure Showed That Obama (what they're really made of)

In yesterday's Times, Frank Rich gives us a (much-needed) positive spin on the stimulus package & its politics:

They Sure Showed That Obama

OK, so the stimulus package basically sucks. It also represents a political win for Obama, who can now check off the "attempted bipartisanship" box on his agenda, and move on to fixing the country with the rest of the items on his agenda (i.e. health care, etc.).

For transportation reform, which I care about deeply, this is also the year of transportation re-authorization, which is the really big battle. The stimulus may have not offered much of a down-payment on transportation, but that's OK -- re-authorization is where the real money and policy reform is at anyways.

There are a number of groups working on re-authorization, but the one that I'm hoping will be the most effective is Transportation For America (T4America), which is now headed up by my old buddy from MTC, James Corless. Check them out -- they're fighting the good fight.

And in the meantime -- across the country, from California to D.C., we're seeing what the Republican'ts are really made up, and how big it really us. I'm pretty sure that we're all watching, and learning. The question is, will the Democrats be able to pull us out of this giant mess single-handedly?

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