Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2006 Endorsements Cheat Sheet

Here's the Woodsong ticket.

I'm registered to vote in Multnomah County, Oregon, but I'll start at the top so that people in other jurisdictions will be able to read the most relevant races first. Note that I may have ommitted some races that I'm either not eligible to vote in myself, that have only one candidate running, or which just rall beneath my radar.

Also, because I'm hip to some of the issues there, I will provide a couple of endorsements for California (most notably -- NO on 90!!).

So, without further ado -- ENDORSEMENTS 2006 CHEAT SHEET (Quick Reference):
(For a more complete discussion of each endorsement, click here.


Measure 39: NO (Hamstring Local Government by Banning Private Property Condemnation)

Measure 40: NO (Allow Conservatives to Elect Supreme Court Justices by District)

Measure 41: NO (Screw the State of Oregon on Federal Tax Returns)

Measure 42: NO (Sizemore's Scam to Lower His Car Insurance Bill)

Measure 43: NO (Prohibit Women Under 18 from Having the Right to Choose for Themselves)

Measure 44: YES (Gives Prescription Drug Coverage to Uninsured Oregonians)

Measure 45: YES (Re-Approve the Term Limits for the Legislature that Career Politicians Tried to Remove)

Measure 46: YES (Constitutionally Authorizes Campaign Finance Reform in Oregon)

Measure 47: YES (Enacts Campaign Finance Reform in Oregon)

Measure 48: NO (Prohibit the State of Oregon from providing enough essential/basic services)

Statewide/National Office:

United States Representative in Congress, 3rd District: Earl Blumenauer

Governor of the Great State of Oregon: Ted Kulongoski

Nonpartisan State Judiciary, Position Six: Virginia Linder


26-81: YES (Keep the Libraries Open)


26-80: YES (Parks, Greenspaces, Habitat, Trails, Small Furry Creatures)

Portland School District No. 1JT

26-84: YES (Keep the Schools Open & Provide Quality Education for our Children)

City of Portland

Measure 26-86: YES (Start to fix the freakin' police/fire retirement/disability system)


Measure 90: NO (Prevent kooky anti-government types from manifesting their agenda)

Marin/Sonoma Counties

Measure R: YES (Sonoma-Marin Rail Project & 70-mile Bicycle Path)

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