Monday, October 23, 2006

Is Ford leading the way?

Ford has apparently heard the criticism that they manufacture the least fuel-efficient fleet of any automaker in America -- and they're trying to do something about it.

I have previously blogged the specifications for my ideal all-purpose hybrid vehicle, and sent copies/links to this blog post to all of the major automakers, in hopes of either a response, or the production of a vehicle meeting most (if not all of) the specifications.

As you might imagine, I received no direct responses.

However, some of the images in this video lead me to believe that Ford may be leaning in the right direction:

I saw images of a "Ford Diesel Hybrid" and heard mention of plug-in electric vehicles. If Ford managed to put both of these features together into a small SUV, and could use them to get to the 45mpg mark, I think they would then be 90% towards meeting my specifications. Just add some solar panels on the roof and the hood, and pretty much the rest of my specifications are just a question of add-ons at that point (and they are even feasible after-market add-ons).

Which other automakers may also be contending to meet these goals?

Time will tell. I had hoped that Toyota might be, but now I'm not positive, as their Highlander Hybrid vehicle doesn't even break the 35mpg mark.

The customers are waiting. When will the automakers step up to the plate and deliver? Which will be the first to score a real hit, much less a home run?

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