Sunday, July 08, 2007

Our country is sick.

Forgive me if the title of this post seems offensive to you, and allow me to explain in a little more detail.

You see, I've just viewed Michael Moore's new movie, Sicko (click to download a lo-res version of the avi for free here, no tricks, no gimmicks).

And his movie makes me sick.

Sick of our country.

Because our country is sick.

Some of you may be saying "well, tell me something I don't know."

But at this point in time, after having this movie drive home its point so eloquently, so undisputedly, so clearly... I really only have two options:

1) Overthrow our government
2) More to Europe, or Canada, or Cuba, or some other country with free health care for all.

Nothing else really seems like a good option right now.

Because, health care affects all of us.

And as Mike points out so well in his movie, the American health care system is broken. It has been broken by money-grubbing corporate thieves, carrying out a plan hatched by Richard M Nixon and his cronies back in the early 1970s.

In short, the American health care system, like so much else in our country, was devised by men who represent pure evil.

By men who want nothing more than more money for themselves, and the worst possible for everybody else.

Think I'm spouting hyperbole? Think I'm making this up?

Watch the movie. Go ahead. Then, tell me how I'm wrong.


I want to be wrong. I do.

I'm afraid I'm not.

And while you're telling me what to do, help me choose between overthrow of the government and leaving the country, because there's got to be a better solution than a coin toss.


Anonymous said...

Well, in my oppionion, you should probably leave the country because your are a complete idiot. I want you to try to get heathcare in cuba.
First, you'll be waiting in a long line just to get your heathcare (lets say you broke you leg or something) because thats what everybody else will be doing too.
Second, when you finally get to take your turn for your heathcare you will get watered down treatment because the country can't afford to give everybody Excellent heathcare.
Think of it like only having so much bread, and a lot of people...what people get wont be a lot.
I understand that you may be upset with our government for its heathcare programs, Im not saying that we are perfect...we are far from it, but i would rather get heathcare here than anywhere else, because when you really need something, you'll get it.
You should really read up on the issue. My guess (i may be wrong) is that you have only watched Sicko and not gotten much if any other information on the subject. I would advise doing some research. You may still have the same oppinion on the topic afterwords (in fact you probably would since your already dead set in thinking cuba is the best), but at least you know the rest of the arguments.
I hope you think twice before leaving america, for this is the greatest country in the history of mankind. You don't know what you have till you lose it.
Random Google searcher.

Garlynn Woodsong said...

Well, have you seen Sicko yet? I didn't notice any long lines in any of the video footage from Cuba's waiting rooms. Or Canada's. Or Britain's. In fact, Mr. Moore did a pretty good job of proving that these lines in countries with socialized medicine... are pretty much a myth.

Second, this "watered down treatment" is exactly what we get in the USA! Not because *we* can't afford to give everybody excellent healthcare, but because the insurance companies/HMOs consistently choose to DENY COVERAGE as a way to increase their bottom line! This was the entire point of the movie: People in countries with socialized medicine are receiving better care than Americans, because their systems do NOT deny treatment based on cost. Period.

I've actually done more research on health care than just watching Sicko. I think Mr. Moore glosses over a lot of complicated subjects with his movie -- this is true. But as a problem statement, he succinctly hits the nail on the head, and does so extremely poignantly (and without the hyperbole or distortions of fact that others have accused him of, perhaps even without seeing his movie first).

Finally -- even though the climate there is probably quite nice, the music is excellent, and I do speak Spanish, I probably would not choose Cuba. Cuba is actually 39th in health care in the world, behind the US in 37th place (based on a complicated set of rankings based on cost, access to service, availability of service, and overall health of the population).

I would be more likely to choose some place in Europe... perhaps Spain, the Netherlands, France or England/Ireland, if you'd like to know. :-)

America may be "the greatest country in the history of mankind," but that's a rather subjective view. It's certainly the nation of my birth and current residence. Most of my favorite places are indeed here. But I have a lot of respect and admiration for the people and places in other countries, as well, and think that our country could become even greater if we would open our minds just a little bit to how things may be done better elsewhere with regards to specific topics -- like health care.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a "random Google searcher". Don't know about Cuba, wich is also part of America (America is not a country; it is a continent), by the way, but I can tell you about Spain.
You and anybody else in the world that comes in a hospital in Spain will be treated. They will ask you about your insurance, but the health care is something everyone has rigth to get; for free if necessary. Of course, often you have to wait a bit, but first treated will be who needs it first, not just who can afford it. You won't never die in the streets because you don't have a health insurance; never because of that.
Have you lived anywhere else than in the USA? How would you know if it's "the greatest country in the history of mankind"? Come on! Have you allready done some research (I mean, also info from outside the USA, if that's what you are talking about)?
Spanish health care system is also far from perfect, as well as nearly anywhere else. Scandinavian countries systems are much more better: Sweden public system, for instance, has even full dental care included until 18 yr old (yes; I said full); if you are a handicapped person, they will adapt your car for free if you need it, even your house if necessary, etc.
Someone told once we don't know what we don't know.
That guy, Moore, seems to me to be someone who really loves his country (USA), and because of it, he want it to be better. Maybe that's all.
P.S.- Please, excuse me for my English. I hope it could be understood.